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Welding & Brazing Testing Lab Services

Shanmukha Laboratories offers independent, weld testing services for Welder Qualification and Welding Procedure Qualification. Welding procedures are usually developed in accordance with a welding code or standard that requires weld samples be produced, inspected, and tested to establish qualification.

All required testing services are available to verify that a welding procedure meets requirements for qualification and to certify that a welder can properly produce a weld to specification.

Our Welding & Brazing Testing include :

  • Welder Qualification Testing As per ASME.
  • Welding Mechanical & Metallography Analysis.

Materials Tested (Analysed) in Welding & Brazing Tests include :

Sr. No. Tests
  1.0 Welding & Brazing Tests :  
  1.1 U.T.S.
Machining Charges
  1.2 Root Bend
Machining Charges
  1.3 Face Bend
Machining Charges
  1.4 Macro General  
  1.5 Macro Weld  
  1.6 Weld Bead Geometry  
  1.7 Micro