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Salt Spray Testing - Salt Fog Testing - Corrosion Testing Lab Services

Our ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test, also known as Salt Fog Test, is performed according to stringent procedures. This includes testing of a material in a controlled corrosive environment which has been used to produce relative corrosion resistance information for specimens of metals and coated metals. At Shanmukha Laboratories, the test is run in a salt spray chamber with precision temperature control.

Why test for corrosion resistance ?

  • To determine the corrosion resistance of the finished product metal
  • To measure corrosive inclination on scratching of the metal surface
  • To detect deformation due to corrosion and the adhesion of coating

Materials Tested (Analysed) in Salt Spray Corrosion Testing include :

Sr. No. Tests
  1.0 Salt Spray Corrosion Tests :  
  1.1 In 5 % NaCl Medium Up to Duration of 12 Hrs.  
  1.2 In 5 % NaCl Medium For Durations Above 12 Hrs.  
  1.3 In Copper Acc. Acetic acid /
Or Only Acetic Acid Medium Up to duration of 12 Hrs
  1.4 In Copper Acc. Acetic acid / Or Only Acetic Acid Medium For Durations Above 12 Hrs.