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Rubber Testing & Rubber Analysis

Rubber Testing Services are being regularly analyzed to check their composition and their toxic contents. Physical tests and Ageing tests are also being conducted.

Shanmukha Laboratories employs the latest in technology and science to serve our clients. We are apremier rubber testing laboratory. We employ a comprehensive array of analytical methods and wet chemistry techniques to present accurate and intensive rubber testing results. Our physical tests of tensile, compression, performance, and fatigue are in compliance with ASTM standards. Shanmukha Laboratories protects client interests as we provide the most accurate and advanced rubber testing available.

Rubbers, Plastics, Papers, Films & Sheets :

  • Physical
  • Chemical & Thermal Properties
  • Polymer Identification

Materials Tested (Analysed) in Rubber Testing & Rubber Analysis include :

Sr. No. Tests
  11.0 Analysis of Rubbers :  
  1.1 Rubber Identification Analysis  
  1.2 Oil Immersion Test (At Room Temp. Upto 24 Hrs)  
  1.3 Oil Immersion Test (At Room Temp. Above 24 Hrs)  
  1.4 Oil Immersion Test (At Elevated Temp. Upto 24 Hrs)  
  1.5 Oil Immersion Test (At Elevated Temp. Above 24 Hrs)  
  1.6 Ash Content  
  1.7 Hardness Test  
  1.8 Tensile Test  
  1.9 Any Other Specialized Tests