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Corrosion Testing Standing Up to Environmental Conditions

Shanmukha Laboratories material testing laboratory in Nashik, Maharashtra undertakes a wide range of corrosion and stress corrosion test per ASTM, NACE or BIS. Tests can also be custom tailored to meet an individual client´s requirements. Senior staff members with specific industry expertise cover a variety of corrosion problems that are encountered in industries such as oil and gas production, oil and gas transmission, energy conversion systems, and nuclear power systems.
Shanmukha Laboratories offers Accelerated Intergranular Corrosion Testing to detect corrosion susceptibility in a relatively short period of time. The corrosion testing lab is just as helpful in identifying corrodents and environmental factors responsible for corrosion problems with products in service.

Materials Tested (Analysed) in the Corrosion Testing Laboratory include :

Sr. No. Tests
  1.0 Corrosion Tests :
Test To Detect The Susceptibility Of Stainless Steels to Inter-granular Corrosion As Per ASTM A 262 : Sr. No. 6.1 to 6.6
  1.1 Practice A Oxalic Acid Etch Test  
  1.2 Practice B in Ferric Sulphate-Sulphuric Acid  
  1.3 Practice C in Nitric Acid  
  1.4 Practice D in Nitric Hydrofluoric Acid  
  1.5 Practice E in Copper Sulphate-Sulphuric Acid (24 Hrs)  
  1.6 Practice E in Copper Sulphate-Sulphuric Acid (72 Hrs)  
  1.7 Mercurous Nitrate Test  
  1.8 Ammonium Persulphate Test  
  1.9 Water Immersion Test (At Room Temp. up 12 Hrs.)  
  1.10 Water Immersion Test (At Room Temp. Above 12 Hrs.)  
  1.11 Water Immersion Test (At Elevated Temp. up 12 Hrs.)  
  1.12 Water Immersion Test (At Elevated Temp. Above 12 Hrs.)  
  1.13 Humidity Test Up to Duration of 12 Hrs.  
  1.14 Humidity Test For Duration Above 12 Hrs.